Convert your static PDF Files, Brochures, Catalogs, Presentations, Photo Albums, Menus, Annual Reports and many more into Interactive, media rich ePublications.

Your ePublication can be viewed, shared and distributed on the web, social media and multiple platforms such as mobile devices and desktops.

No more need for website, domain name or hosting to share your ePublication. No more need to send files either. Just send a URL link or QR Code instead.

Who can benefit from this?


Big or small, new or old companies alike can benefit from using an ePresentation. Files and presentations in PDF, PowerPoint or any other formats can now be converted and presented to clients and customers in a much interactive manner.


Just started out a new job or maybe you want to spruce up your existing CV (Curriculum Vitae). What better way to get attention and be immediately noticed by sending in an eCV.


Annual Reports, Magazines, Books and other publications can benefit from converting into an ePublication. Why spend so much money on printing hardcopies when in this day and age, everyone is going Digital and you can save so much more.


Advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more has never been so easy. Just share your URL link and you're good-to-go!


New items on your menu? Need to print a new menu or put a sticker over the existing one? You don't need to do that anymore once you convert to eMenu. You can make changes any time and you can share it by using a URL link or generating a QR code for your customers to scan.


Models can now showcase their porfolio in a more eye-catching and interactive way. Standout amongst the rest and get noticed. Wedding and party planners can offer eAlbum to their customers with a fraction of the cost you would need to make printouts.


Are you a Sales & Marketing representative? Do you always carry flyers and brochures with you when you meet up with clients and customers? Run out of your printed materials just when you need it most? You don't have to worry about all that once your switch to eBrochure.


There are no limits on the usage and everyone is able to have their own personalized ePublication. Share it with family and friends and standout from the rest.

Our services

Convert Your Existing Files

Turn plain, static and basic looking PDF (and other) files into media rich and interactive ePublication, eBrochure, eMenu, etc...

Create New

Create, digitalize and make your prints more interactive. Get noticed when sending in your CV (Curriculum Vitae) for a job interview or simply impress your clients and customers.

Albums, Portfolios, etc...

You can now have a media rich and interactive photo album of all your special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and many more.

Remote Hosting

Don't have an existing website or hosting?
No worries! We've got you covered!
With FusionBooks, you don't need to have a website or hosting. Just share your ePublication link or QR Code and you're good-to-go!

Choose your plan

Option 1

RM 199
(Starting from)
  • Already have existing PDF (or other) file formats? Let us convert it for you into an ePresentation / ePublication
  • Turn your already existing files into a media rich and interactive ePresentation / ePublication
  • View on multiple platforms i.e. iPhone, iPad, Android, iOS, Windows and many more
  • No need to send files to clients and customers
  • Ideally for SMEs, Corporations and just about everyone else
  • Send a URL link or QR Code
  • Eliminate cost of printing



Option 2

RM 79
(Per Page - Minimum 4 pages)
  • Don't have any existing files? Want to start from the beginning? Send us your contents and we will design it for you
  • Create a new ePresentation, ePublication, eBrochure, eMenu or anything you want
  • Inclusive of photos, videos, links and other rich media elements
  • View on multiple platforms i.e. iPhone, iPad, Android, iOS, Windows and many more
  • No need to send files to clients and customers
  • Ideally for SMEs, Corporations, Cafes and Restaurants
  • Send a URL link or QR Code
  • Eliminate cost of printing



Option 3

RM 499
(Max 30 pages)
  • Have a special occasion you want to save and share with family and friends?
  • Send us your photos and videos and let us create an eAlbum which you can share with everyone
  • Ideal for special occasions such as Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, etc...
  • Add in background audio in your album
  • Add in videos to make your album more lively
  • Share it to as many of your family and friends
  • 30 pages inclusive of FRONT & BACK cover

  • Additional charges of RM79 (per page) exceeding 30 pages

Best value

Add-on 1

Remote Hosting
RM 99
  • Remotely host your ePublication
  • Very low and affordable yearly charges
  • Don't need to have an existing website



add-on 2

RM 299
  • Yearly maintenance
  • FREE up to 6 changes / updates
  • Additional charges of RM49 (per page) exceeding 6 changes / updates

  • Additional charges of RM79 (per page) exceeding 6 changes / updates

    (Only applies to ALBUMS) 


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