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Everyday CAR Glovebox Organizer

submitted by Joseph BauerMOLLE System PouchLarge ID WalletRite In The Rain Mini NotebookSmith & Wesson SWFR2S Extreme Ops KnifeStreamlight MicrostreamCounty Comm Aluminum Embassy PenApple AirTagAux CordUSB to Magnetic Adapter CableIt’s hard to put an exact number on the amount of people who get into a personal vehicle every week day but it’s easily a few hundred million people in just North America and Europe combined. So, there are A LOT of people who use their vehicle on a regular basis. The EDC philosophy doesn’t just stop at what you carry, you likely apply the same concept to your vehicle. There tons of posts all over the internet about what people have for EDC items but how often do you read about setting up a glovebox organizer the same way? That is why I decided to share this and maybe get other people to do the same. What could create a good everyday car glovebox organizer? The focus here is on items that you would want quick access to while staying in your driver’s seat, and would likely be stored in your center console or glovebox. You could expand this to items you want to have in your car in case of an emergency but that is less of an everyday situation and more about being prepared for unexpected problems. So I’m not going down the rabbit hole of being prepared for any emergency situation while in your car, however that is also an interesting topic to discuss. I hope anyone reading this finds it useful, interesting, and worth considering their own everyday car needs.

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