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Everyday wear and carry for an amputee

submitted by Thor Prosthetic LegSinn U1T dsSpyderco dog tag carbon fiberGrimfrost Mjolnir Ring, stainless steelForeverSpin Top – stainless steelSpyderco NightstickMXG Gear titanium deep carry pocket clipSpyderco Endura 4 FRN Flat Grind Orange handleSquareMade Matte Stainless Steel ringMonkey Knuts Paracord braceletsCountyComm Embassy Pen Rev. 2 Stainless SteelFisher Space Pen ChromeSaddleback Front Pocket ID WalletGrimfrost “Meaning of Thor” ring in Runes – Younger FurtharkGthic brand Mjolnir – modern versionAsgard of Scot bronze MjolnirZak Tool Key hookOKeeffes Original Lip Repair Lip BalmThe Tick KeyCold Steel African Walking StickMy DogtagsGrimfrost Icelandic MjolnirZippoVictorinox Swisstool Spirit XFenix PD35 TACWiley X Twisted SunglassesMost of this stuff is pretty beat up. Thought I’d add the leg to show the real weight of what I wear and carry on the daily. Between work as a construction HSE professional/EMR and as an amputee, most of this stuff does see daily use. In Canada, so obviously there’s no firearm. As a disabled person (much more than just the right leg below the knee amputee) I do carry the cane for dual purpose, medical usage and protection.

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