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The Drop: aroundsquare Mindfulness and Manipulation Tools

submitted by Mikey Bautista

Fall deep enough into the fidget toy rabbit hole and you’ll eventually find yourself face-to-face with the premium offerings of Matt Hiebert and his company aroundsquare. Beyond just simple toys to calm one’s self down, he’s built an impressive catalog of tools, accessories, and even wearables that all serve the practical purpose of functional fun. From premium skill toys like begleri, Knucklebones, and Deadeye coins to meditation-inspired manipulation accessories like MKUltras and mala beads, they have a comprehensive catalog for everyone looking to aid their focus and fidgety fingers.

But it doesn’t stop there. While aroundsquare is well-versed with materials that would get EDCers interested like wood, copper, and titanium, Matt and his team also produce limited-edition variations of their products. They dive into the deep end of highly exotic materials and alloys like Mokume Gane, Zircuti, and Mokuti, giving collectors some truly remarkable pieces of functional, wearable art.

What we like: These are fidget toys taken to the next level, inspired by traditional manipulation and meditation tools, and manufactured with some of the best materials you can find in EDC. Seriously, it’s hard to find something NOT to like.

What to watch out for: aroundsquare is constantly adding stuff to its catalog but you may find some items not always in stock. Be sure to subscribe to their newsletter at the bottom of their page and their socials to find out when the next drops are coming, especially if you’re after one of the more exotic pieces.

Final verdict: I don’t think I’ll be able to stop at just one MKUltra anytime soon.

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