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The Drop: Blackmile The Mile One Travel Bag

submitted by Jonathan Tayag

It’s a big EDC market out there, and tons of awesome gear is released all the time. We made The Drop to help you discover the latest and greatest essentials worth a spot in your EDC.

Having one bag that can do it all is the end goal for many people in the everyday carry community. Many designers try to meet that demand, but the perfect bag still eludes us. The downfall of most bags that try to meet the one-bag ideal is their design excels at some aspects of EDC but needs to work better in others. Whether due to size, weight, storage space, or any other factor, inflexible designs tend to fail the one-bag EDC test.

That’s where Blackmile comes in, with their up-and-coming innovative 45L travel bag that they call The Mile One, a premium American-made EDC bag that offers tons of space, extreme modularity, and lightweight materials. The Mile One is highly modular and can operate as a travel suitcase, gym duffel bag, and rolltop backpack.

To meet your mission, you can reconfigure the quick-change straps secured with a Petzel H-frame screw lock carabiner. In addition to its waterproofed zippers and rolltop opening, its main compartment also opens like a suitcase, allowing you to maximize what and how you pack. And because the bag features rugged and lightweight Dyneema technical fabric, you get a three times stronger shell than Kevlar without all the weight of traditional materials like ballistic nylon or waxed canvas. Last but not least are the external zip pockets for quick access to your essentials.

What we like: The modularity of this bag is truly innovative. By compressing the bag and swapping buckles and straps, you can change the entire nature of the pack from a storage bag and backpack to a travel duffle and more. And the Dyneema fabric construction means you can fit up to a 17″ laptop without too much-added bulk.

What to watch out for: Dyneema is an expensive material because of its ultra-lightweight properties, and that shows in the high asking price of The Mile One. This bag illustrates that you get what you pay for sometimes when it comes to everyday carry, and it’s a great choice if you can afford it.

Final verdict: While pricey, this Huckberry-exclusive design from Blackmile should be at the top of your list when shopping for a one-bag wonder for your future travels.

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