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The Drop: Keyport Slide 4.0 Limited Edition

submitted by Chris Van Hoven

If you’ve been following the site for a while, you might have heard us talking about the advantages of adding a key organizer or two to your EDC kit. Standard key organizers group your keys in a compact, efficient way so they aren’t left loose and jingling around in your bag or pocket. The Keyport Slide 4.0, however, takes things to a whole other level as a premium, all-steel organizer that consolidates your keys, pocket tools, and smart tech into a single universal access device.

The Limited Edition Slide 4.0 takes everything that made the original 2007 Slide great and enhances it with new materials, a new design, and added functionality. Its most basic use is to house duplicates of your keys using Keyport’s proprietary Key Blades, which replace your existing keys. These Key Blades deploy and retract seamlessly, thanks to stainless steel nodes. But the Slide’s modularity is what truly sets it apart from the rest. Simply snap on a module or two, and your key organizer becomes an indispensable multi-tool. It also features a polished stainless steel removable bezel and a removable D-ring for attaching loose items. Two material options are available: 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum and grade 5 titanium. Its ultra-compact 2.87” size makes it easy to access and operate with one hand.

Keyport also has a solution if you misplace your Slide. The Slide 4.0 LE1 comes with a free two-year subscription to their KeyportID lost and found service, which allows anyone who finds your lost Keyport to contact you directly while keeping it anonymous for both sides.

What we like: It’s part hi-tech key case, Swiss Army knife, and multi-tool. There’s very little not to love about that.

What to watch out for: Each Slide only carries four keys. And you’ll have to bring Keyport’s Key Blades with you to a blacksmith to have your keys duplicated.

Final verdict: The Keyport Slide 4.0 LE1 successfully combines utility, convenience, security, and style into a fully modular multi-device to suit any EDC lifestyle.

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