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The Drop: WESN x Glidr Microblade Collection

submitted by Mikey Bautista

You may be familiar with WESN’s super-compact and super-premium Microblade, which has become their signature platform for fresh colorways and collaborations. Their latest sees them partnering up with Glidr, best known for their highly sought-after colorful catalog of butterfly knife trainers. Glidr has developed a design language all its own, and its use of striking color combinations and unique engraved patterns has set them apart on the market.

This use of color and texture is what they bring to the collaboration, bringing four bright colors and a special engraved design to the Microblade. Underneath, you still get the knife’s solid specs, including a 1.5″ blade in D2 that deploys on bearings and a titanium clip side opposite the colorful aluminum show side. Glidr also brings an exclusive matching lanyard bead to match each knife, along with custom-branded hardware and packaging.

What we like: We’ll never not like colorful options to break up the usual monochrome and stealthy loadout in our EDC.

What to watch out for: This is a limited-edition collab, so when they sell out, they’re gone for good. Also, take note that the knife isn’t ambidextrous and that the Glidr design is only on the show side.

Final verdict: It’s hard enough to get a Glidr trainer, so if you’re a fan of both brands, this is still a solid way to add one to your collection.

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