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The EDCer's Guide to Wedding Bands

submitted by Chris Van Hoven

So, your partner (thankfully) said yes, and you now begin planning for your big day. One of the crucial decisions you’ll have to make is what wedding rings to buy for yourselves, and it’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, just like how you would pick out the best and most useful gear to carry in the rest of your EDC. Since wedding bands are symbols of your lifelong commitment, this purchase is meant to stay with you for the rest of your life as an essential and permanent part of your everyday kit.

With so many options available, shopping for the perfect wedding ring can be an overwhelming experience. If you don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. This guide has everything you need to make an informed decision and choose the perfect wedding ring for your special day and beyond.

[TL;DR: We recommend The Ridge Beveled Ring Sets for their value, unique solutions for wearing and sizing, and a lifetime guarantee.]

Set Your Budget

Different materials come with varying costs. Precious metals like gold or platinum are the most popular choices, but they also tend to be expensive. On the other hand, you don’t want materials that are too cheap or common either, since this diminishes the ring’s value and loses meaning for what the ring should represent.

You may be familiar with tungsten and titanium in premium EDC gear, and they’re growing in popularity as material choices for wedding rings since they represent durable and valuable options for the middle tier while still carrying their own premium value.

Setting a budget for yourself helps you narrow your choices and keeps your expectations in check. And don’t worry; it’s absolutely possible to find the perfect wedding ring without having to break the bank.

Match Your Lifestyle

Suppose you’re someone who enjoys an active lifestyle or operates heavy machinery. In that case, you might find yourself removing your ring often, whether to keep it from getting damaged or falling off and getting lost completely. There is also the risk of injury wearing a solid ring when performing more demanding tasks.

Gold rings are the standard choice, most likely the first recommendation you get when going to your local jewelry shop. They’re comfortable to wear daily but costly to replace. They’re also unsuitable for rigorous activities since the softer metal can be prone to scuffing, scratches, or even slight bending.

You might want to consider materials such as carbon fiber, tungsten carbide, tungsten steel, or solid titanium–durable, corrosion-free materials that stand up better to everyday wear and tear. On an aesthetic note–these materials are likely ones you already use in the rest of your EDC.

Sizing and Resizing Considerations

Your wedding band is a lifetime investment, and you may need to get your ring resized as the years go on. On the one hand, wedding bands made from precious metals like gold or silver can be resized by a jeweler. The peace of mind of being able to resize a precious metal ring might be worth the higher cost for your preferences.

On the other hand, bands made from more rigid materials like titanium and tungsten can’t be resized in the same way. It’s a trade-off to consider for your long-term investment when picking your band’s material. The disadvantage with these materials is that you’re stuck with the size they came in, which may not be suitable for your needs in the long term.

This brings up a third consideration which is often a critical factor when buying rings and similar jewelry: finding your size. Short of visiting a jeweler or ordering a ring sizer, finding your ring size may be challenging, especially since it may be different across different makers, materials, and styles.

Our Recommendation

With all the abovementioned concerns, it might be discouraging to go out and make such an important decision. The good news is that our friends at The Ridge are offering solutions to all the potential problems you may have when choosing a forever ring.

The first is that they’re offering their new Beveled Ring Sets in tungsten, titanium, carbon fiber, and even timeless 24 karat gold–signature materials of their equally premium wallets and other accessories. They’re competitively priced just for the main ring itself, but they’ve gone a step further and offer a paired silicone band at no extra cost. If your lifestyle or work could put your hands in a literal tight spot with a solid ring, then a silicone backup is the perfect alternative for active days.

Figuring out your ring size doesn’t have to be a complicated process, either. The Ridge keeps things simple by allowing you to measure your ring size at home with their free print-at-home ring sizer and ring size chart.

But the key feature of these sets is the Never Lost & Forever Fit Protection. It gives you the option of two future exchanges for the same ring in the same or different size if your ring starts to wear less than perfectly. This guarantee also means that if you lose your ring or damage it to the point of being unwearable, they can replace it up to two times in the same style, giving you the peace of mind you won’t find from your average jeweler. All this is on top of a lifetime warranty and a 99-day risk-free trial you already get for your ring purchase.

If you’re looking for a practical, inexpensive alternative that offers all-day comfort while still looking great, consider The Ridge Beveled Ring Sets. You can choose Black, Navy, Gunmetal, or 24 Karat Gold PVD-applied tungsten carbide rings, Carbon Fiber 3K, and Forged Carbon rings with a carbon fiber overlay and tungsten steel interior, as well as solid Burnt Titanium and Stonewashed Titanium rings, each designed to cater to your taste and style. These modern, highly durable premium materials combined with The Ridge’s rock-solid warranty and protection are unique solutions to the usual problems that come with choosing the right ring, and could be exactly what you need when looking for the perfect one for your big day.

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