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The Ridge Burnt Damascus Wallet

submitted by Chris Van Hoven

The Ridge is back with another addition to their ever-growing line of attractive designs for their signature wallet with their latest release: The Ridge Burnt Damascus Wallet. Paying homage to the legendary material, the Ridge Burnt Damascus Wallet utilizes modern 304 stainless steel, chemically engraved to achieve the unique patterns that Damascus steel is known for. Physical vapor disposition (PVD) is used for the burnt effect, which adds a dynamic spectrum of colors similar to their previous release, The Ridge Wallet Burnt Titanium. It’s a difficult process that took years to perfect, but the result is an eye-catching design that speaks for itself and looks even better in hand.

Is it made from “true” Damascus steel? Well, no. And neither would you need (or want) it to be. This is a wallet, after all, not a weapon to vanquish your enemies with. Damascus blades are known for their unparalleled sharpness, which is not a characteristic you’d want in a wallet. And unlike the multiple layers of carbon steel used in a Damascus blade, the 304 stainless steel used in the Ridge Wallet is scratch-resistant, rust-proof, and more suited to environments that would corrode standard carbon steel, all while maintaining the bombproof durability and standard of quality that Ridge Wallets are known for.

There’s a reason the Ridge Wallet is a fan-favorite among those looking to replace their bulky bifolds with a more compact, minimalist solution. It can hold up to 12 cards without stretching out; it’s highly versatile with the optional money clip or cash strap, and it blocks RFID to prevent wireless theft. Its lifetime warranty is a testament to The Ridge’s confidence in the Ridge Wallet’s build quality and guarantees a lifetime to forge your own EDC story.

Whether you think the Damascus-inspired design looks cool (who doesn’t?), or you’re looking to add Ridge’s latest, greatest, and most complex design yet to your collection, pick yours up from the link below.

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