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The Ridge Matte Olive Collection

submitted by Chris Van Hoven

The color green’s association with military forces is well-known throughout history, as gear and equipment in OD Green (Olive Drab Green) were widely distributed to large conscripted armies during WWI and WWII thanks to its ability to blend with natural elements, particularly in forested environments. We don’t have many reasons to employ tactical camouflage when it comes to our EDC, but there’s no denying that the color just looks really cool, and one we’ve been waiting on The Ridge to deploy on their best-selling Daily Driver kit.

The Ridge Daily Driver kit consists of their much-loved, fan-favorite Ridge Wallet, the durable and smooth writing Bolt Action Pen, and the key organizing Ridge KeyCase, each sporting the new Matte Olive theme. Since its initial release, the Ridge Wallet has found its way to millions of pockets, thanks in no small part to its ability to minimize the bulk of traditional two-fold wallets, with the added benefit of blocking RFID signals. Its outer plates are constructed from reliable T6 6061 aluminum alloy, giving it aerospace-grade strength, scratch resistance, and corrosion resistance without adding too much weight. And like all Ridge Wallets, the Matte Olive Ridge Wallet can hold up to 12 cards and some cash via a Cash Strap or Money Clip.

The Matte Olive Bolt Action Pen compliments the Ridge Wallet perfectly in terms of durability and build quality, with its shell also crafted from T6 6061 aluminum. Its CNC lathe knurled textured grip allows you to maintain good control while writing, and its pressurized ballpoint refill gives the pen reliable writing performance on nearly any surface.

The last item in the Ridge Daily Drive kit is the Ridge KeyCase, which streamlines and organizes your keys in a compact silhouette. The Matte Olive KeyCase is likewise made with T6 6061 aluminum and secures up to six of your keys via a patent pending tension plate system. A manganese spring steel clip provides easy carry options in your pocket or bag.

Not only are all three items in the Matte Olive Collection awesome additions to any military-themed carry, but they’re also essential EDC items in their own right. They’re designed to simplify and streamline the way you go about your day and are a perfect starting point for anyone who is just beginning their EDC journey. Check out the Matte Olive Collection of the Ridge’s Daily Driver kit at the link below.

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