Frequently Asked Questions

What is Absolute Fusion - Fusion Books?

Absolute Fusion - Fusion Books provides a service to convert your existing softcopy document(s) into an ePublication.

Convert it into an eMenu if you're from the F&B industry or if you're a Sales & Marketing person, you can convert it into an eBrochure and impress your clients / customers. The usage is limitless!

What type of files can be converted? Can I create a new ePublication instead?

These are the type of files you can convert into ePublication:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Power Point
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel

*Contact us to find out other supported file types

Is this a one-time payment or a yearly subscription?

All file conversions and design works are a one-time payment. Yearly subscription only applies to Remote Hosting and Maintenance. You can click here to look at the pricing.

What platform(s) can it be viewed on?

It can be viewed on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, any web browsers and on all mobile devices as long as there are web browser(s) available.

How do I share my ePublication(s)?

You can share it via a link or you can use the link to generate a QR code instead.

Can I make an eAlbum for special occasions?

Yes you can!
You can have an eAlbum for your special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, events and functions or just as a gift for someone special.

Click here for demo

Will it take up memory space on my device(s)?

No it won't.
No files needed to be downloaded onto your device(s) because it will be remotely hosted.

Where will my ePublication(s) be hosted?

It will be hosted remotely on our server or on client's server (if they own an existing remote hosting plan)

I don't have website / hosting. Can I still have my own ePublication?

Yes you can!
You can host it with us for a very low yearly fee.

Click here to find out more.

I already have a wesbite / hosting

You can host the files needed for the ePublication(s) remotely on your hosting server.

Will you send me the files to my ePublication(s)?

We will send you all files needed to upload onto your hosting server.

How many people can I share it with?

You can share it with as many people as you want because it's FREE and it doesn't take up memory space on any of the device(s) to anyone you share it to.

Do I need to be online to view it?

Yes you do!