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Amsler Knives Hurricane Razor

submitted by Gabriel Colin

You don’t often find craft knives that were hand-crafted themselves, but that’s precisely what you’re getting with the Amsler Knives Hurricane Razor. Built from S35VN steel, the Hurricane Razor is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a premium knife to carry in your pockets as a compact everyday blade or if you plan on doing some crafting or utility work later on.

For the ultimate sharpness, this fixed blade has been sharpened to an 18-degree edge angle with up to 3200 grit; then, it’s detailed by hand. This ensures you’ll get buttery smooth cuts and a long-lasting edge. This new iteration of the knife also features a finer point, similar to a tanto shape, for easier precision work. It comes with small o-rings you place and adjust along the handle to help with grip since the entire build is metal.

This handle features a skeletonized design made with waterjets, which is then hand-finished with belts and buffers. The lack of CNC machining or a mass-production process also means that no two knives are the same, and you can own one uniquely yours. And to complete its premium build, the clip, the spacer, and the screws are all made from titanium. Once you’re done cutting, you can put its included sheath back on to prevent accidental slices in your pockets. Pick one up at the link below.

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