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Minimalist Tech Enthusiast EDC

submitted by Anthony PoeNothing Phone (1)Ridge Key OrganizerNothing Ear (Stick)Leatherman WingmanThe Ridge WalletFossil Retro DigitalLongevity is the focus of my EDC. I try to stay relatively high end for that same reason, which means spending a little bit more money on things like the wallet, key organizer, and Leatherman for the sake of making them last as long as humanly possible. The more “perishable” items like phone and ear buds are midrange since they won’t last nearly as long as the rest of the EDC. With that being said, they are both incredible value for the money while being aesthetically pleasing. I can’t use earbuds with tips that insert into your ear, so I’ve tried most that do not (AirPods, Galaxy Buds Live, Linkbuds, etc.) and these have superior fitment and comfort, albeit good (not great) sound.

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