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Tactile Turn Deep Space Seasonal Pen

submitted by Jonathan Tayag

With the introduction of their new Deep Space pen, Tactile Turn has created a stellar offering that takes its design cues from the stars above. The Deep Space is based on Tactile Turn’s titanium Side Click (and Slim Side Click) retractible everyday carry pens. What makes the Deep Space different is a decorative exterior that looks as brilliant as the night sky on a clear day.

That beautiful design is made possible with the use of Cerakote. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a thin coating of ceramic applied to metal objects to improve wear resistance. You usually find Cerakote coatings on military and police equipment. But it’s also used to add color to items in a much more durable way than traditional paint. And because it’s a thin coating, that splash of color only adds a little additional weight and thickness to the pen. Tactile Turn has leveraged both the material and the craft, turning each Deep Space pen into a genuine and one-of-a-kind work of art. But unlike most works of art, the Deep Space is a helpful EDC writing implement at its core.

The Side Click action of the Deep Space is also deeply satisfying to use. The top button makes the pen ready to write, and a quick tap on the side click mechanism causes the pen tip to retract back into the titanium body. It’s an addictive experience that you’ll find yourself fidgeting with from time to time. The Deep Space comes with broad pen refill compatibility, no matter the length or version of the Side Click you pick. This lets you select the color and writing consistency you prefer from your everyday carry writing tool. Once you’re done writing, slip it into your pocket using the newly-designed deep carry clip, decorated with a satellite engraving that continues the pen’s theme.

With each Seasonal Release, our friends at Tactile Turn outdo themselves. Their commitment to their craft is genuinely showcased with their new Deep Space pen. Each pen is US made at their Dallas, Texas machine shop, and Tactile Turn stands by the craftsmanship of their writing implements with a lifetime warranty. The Deep Space is available right now, but as with all of their Seasonal Release pens, you have a limited (but lengthy) time to secure one of these beautiful titanium EDC pens for yourself. Click the link below and get lost in your choice of Deep Space today.

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