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The Drop: CRKT Razel Fixed Blade

submitted by Jonathan Tayag

Cleaver-style knives are intended for rougher duty than the standard folding EDC blade. Their chunky blade shape makes them great for chopping tasks, after all. But as with any folding blade, the weakest point is the folding mechanism itself. That’s not a problem with the new fixed-blade version of CRKT’s Razel knife. The new Razel, made in collaboration with Jon Graham, features a rigid full-tang D2 tool steel construction that provides one-piece reliability when the going gets tough.

The original Razel GT folding knife featured a quick flipper-assisted opening mechanism. This new fixed-blade Razel is always ready to go, with no moving parts that need to lock into place before you can get to work. The 2.97″ D2 blade has also been made beefier, with a squared-off chisel tip and a sturdy spine that lets you hammer this knife into rough material when needed. An ergonomic handle has been cut into the full tang, and the resin-fiber scales help ensure a firm grip on the knife during hard use.

Of course, being a fixed-blade knife means it will likely have to go on a hip or neck sheath instead of your pockets for everyday carry. But it weighs 0.1oz less than the original Razel knife, and the included Kydex sheath makes carrying this useful EDC tool easy.

What we like: Cleaver-style blades are all the rage in EDC, and it’s nice to see them start to focus on genuinely heavy-duty use. Additionally, the red rivets in the resin fiber handle offer a beautiful contrast to the knife’s overall look.

What to watch out for: The fixed-blade Razel is longer than your standard folding EDC knife, and if you don’t like carrying a knife in a sheath, it may not be for you.

Final verdict: If your EDC needs require a hard-use chisel or cleaver-style blade, the new Razel is a welcome option.

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