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The Drop: Gerber Fastball Heritage Knife

submitted by Chris Van Hoven

Founded in 1939, Gerber has a long history of producing high-quality knives and multi-tools used by soldiers, hunters, and tradesmen alike. The limited-edition Fastball Heritage knife is a celebration of its 84-year history, honoring its roots with a new Gerber orange handle color, iconic sword and stone logo, and laser marks created from the original Gerber packaging.

The Fastball’s design features an intuitive finger flipper opening mechanism utilizing B.O.S.S Technology (Balls of Stainless Steel), a ball-bearing system to reduce friction for smooth deployment. Its 3” S30V wharncliffe blade makes the knife suitable for rough carving and cutting tasks. The blade can also handle precise cuts with its fine point, making pulling cuts particularly easy. The knife is 7.1” long while maintaining a light weight of just 2.7 oz, thanks to its aircraft-grade aluminum handle. And as a testament to their commitment to quality and service, Gerber offers a limited lifetime warranty on all their products.

What we like: It’s a highly versatile knife that you can use for nearly any situation, from cutting rope to peeling fruits. It’s also a great representation of the brand and its commitment to building more premium American-made products.

What to watch out for: Gerber is releasing just a small quantity of these knives, so it’s best to act fast if you want one for yourself.

Final verdict: Intuitive to use and safe to deploy, the Gerber Fastball was already an easy recommendation to any EDC pack. This Fastball Heritage knife just adds a dash of exclusivity to the mix.

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