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The Drop: Tactile Turn Smooth Operator Bolt-Action Pen

submitted by Jonathan Tayag

It’s a big EDC market out there, and tons of awesome gear is released all the time. We made The Drop to help you discover the latest and greatest essentials worth a spot in your EDC.

Our friends at Tactile Turn make some of the slickest machined metal EDC pens in the business. That’s because they have dedicated lots of time to honing their manufacturing process to ensure that they get high-quality results. And because they make every one of their pens at their United States machine shop in Texas, they control their destiny. So when the folks at Tactile Turn decided to make the smoothest pen they could come up with for everyday carry, they delivered with the aptly-named Smooth Operator.

The Smooth Operator derives from Tactile Turn’s community favorite Slim Bolt Action Titanium Pen, but with several significant changes made by the team to smoothen out the experience. Externally, the titanium body has been dark-tumbled and polished to have a smoother feel in hand compared to the grippy texture of the standard pen’s body. The ultra-deep carry bent steel clip features a curved appearance that eliminates sharp edges snagging at your pockets. The cap also features a smooth exterior save for the stylish yet practical Torx head finial.

But when Tactile Turn designed the Smooth Operator to be the smoothest pen possible, they also had internal changes in mind. The bolt action internal structure now features Ultem material tuned for an exceptionally smoother feel due to less friction compared to metal on metal. And the Smooth Operator also comes with an OHTO 0.7mm PS 107 needlepoint ink refill, which comes with a soft oil-based ink that helps the pen glide across your notepad.

What we like: The Smooth Operator‘s smooth treatment and the upgraded bolt action are a welcome addition to Tactile Turn’s bolt action pen lineup.

What to watch out for: The pen is only available for preorder until March 2nd. There’s no guarantee that it will return as a permanent addition to Tactile Turn’s EDC offerings.

Final verdict: Whether you’re looking to get your feet wet by picking out a new titanium metal EDC pen for yourself or you’re upgrading, the Smooth Operator is a slick choice.

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