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Trending: Orbitkey Key Organizer

submitted by Mon Garcia

Carrying your small everyday essentials in an organized way while avoiding pocket jangle and minimizing discomfort are some of the problems that EDCers look to solve on their way to perfecting their daily carry. Fortunately, there are products like the Orbitkey key organizer that allow you to keep your keys—and some optional accessories—handy, compact, silent, and pocket-friendly. This simple yet elegant solution involves the use of a tough and weather-resistant polymer TPU strap to sandwich up to seven of your keys, held by a screw-down mechanism.

Aside from your keys, there are various add-on accessories that you can fit into the Orbitkey system, from mirrors and multi-tools to GPS trackers and USB drives. The strap keeps everything snug and silent while preventing your keys from scratching other things you keep in your pockets. Also included is a sturdy metal D-ring for attaching your whole Orbitkey setup to a larger keychain or fob. The OrbitKey key system solves misplaced keys as well as noisy and lumpy pockets in a refined and stylish way. Check out your options at the link below.

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