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The Drop: Vital Carry TM2 Sharpie Case

submitted by Chris Van Hoven

A permanent marker can be an essential part of your everyday carry kit for several reasons: label and organize items to make them easier to find and identify, jot down reminders or sketch ideas, or communicate information during emergencies. The iconic and classic Sharpie Fine Point Marker is often a favorite choice for many, and the Vital Carry TM2 takes it to the next level by turning it into a rough-duty, metal-cased, easy-to-carry marker ready for any scenario.

Available in aluminum, copper, brass, or titanium, the TM2 uses a twist cap with durable o-rings to keep moisture and dirt out. The cap can be conveniently attached to the back of the pen when writing. Its heavy-duty stainless steel clip is secured to the cap with a stainless steel screw, allowing you to securely fasten it to a carabiner, pocket, or bag. The TM2’s cap and barrel have knurled surfaces for added grip when writing. Each TM2 ships pre-loaded with a classic Sharpie Black Fine Point Permanent Marker, so you don’t have to get one separately.

What we like: Transform your everyday Sharpie into a veritable field tool.

What to watch out for: The case adds some significant bulk to the Sharpie’s size, which may be better for those with larger hands.

Final verdict: The Vital Carry TM2 Sharpie Case turns everyone’s favorite marker into a versatile, durable, and practical tool that can come in handy in various situations.

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