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The Ridge 24 Karat Gold Collection

submitted by Bernard Capulong

It’s not too common to see a wallet you can confidently call the statement piece of your EDC. Sure, you might find a luxury card holder from a high fashion brand, but the functionality and durability you’d want from your gear usually isn’t there. The Ridge’s latest collection boasts a wallet that delivers the best of both worlds, offering a bit of bling in the form of 24 karat gold PVD on a tried-and-true minimalist wallet design. And that’s not all–the Ridge 24 Karat Gold collection debuts with a matching Key Case and bolt-action Scout Pen as their most premium EDC collection yet.

The 24 Karat Gold Ridge Wallet is an upgrade in every way over its 18 Karat predecessor. For starters, it ups the purity of the gold from 18 karats to 24 karats–99.9% pure gold. Typically, that results in a softer material, so Ridge reworked the wallet in two ways to ensure luxury without compromise. First, the 24 karat gold finish is applied using physical vapor deposition, or PVD. Compared to standard plating techniques, PVD allows for a stronger bond to the T6 6061 aluminum base metal which comprises the core of the wallet plates. Next, a newly developed oil coating offers improved scratch resistance and helps hide fingerprints to handle day-to-day wear. The result is a highly durable and corrosion-resistant gold wallet with improved scratch resistance as well.

A few notable aesthetic changes also set this premium wallet apart from the rest of The Ridge’s standard offerings, pushing this release into functional jewelry territory. Instead of the usual contrasting black screws, matching gold tone screws are used to evoke a monolithic gold ingot look to the wallet. Next, the standard Ridge branding has been replaced with a more minimal “R” icon and exclusive “24 KARAT” lettering.

If you’re the type of EDCer who enjoys building a carry around a visual or material theme, The Ridge has you covered with a matching 24 Karat Gold Key Case and Scout Pen to round out the wallet. The Key Case is perfect for organizing and silencing a jangly keychain in style, while the Scout Pen offers a reliable writing performance and an equally satisfying fidget experience to boot.

Whether you’re looking to splurge on your own EDC or win at the holidays with an awesome gift kit, consider going for the gold. You can shop the collection at the link below and save 10% off your order as a reader of Everyday Carry with code EDC10.

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