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Trending: Gerber Dime Multi-tool

submitted by Mon Garcia

With plenty of pocketable features at an affordable price, the Gerber Dime has cemented itself as one of the best and most popular budget multi-tools you can EDC. It’s also light and compact enough to hang off your keychain at 2.2 ounces and 2.75″ long when closed. It follows the familiar format of fold-out pliers, with the other tools packed into the butterfly-opening handles. Inside, you’ll find a plain-edged blade and a package opener on one side, while scissors, a flathead driver, and a small crosshead driver with an integrated file on the other. All of these deploy without having to open the handles of the pliers, which also features wire cutting edges within its jaws.

At the end of one handle you’ll find a useful bottle opener as well as access to a removable pair of tweezers. On the other is a small keyring that allows you to hang the Dime with the rest of your keys. The stainless steel construction keeps this compact and feature-filled multi-tool robust enough to hang with you every day. And best of all, at its price, it’s easily replaceable, and makes for good gifts during the holidays, or for your favorite EDCer. Grab yourself a Gerber Dime (or a few) at the link below.

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